You are probably here because you are keen to share your skills, educate others, and make a good amount of money for your work! 

But, being able to create digital products as someone who isn’t artistic or creative can feel overwhelming and like an impossible feat. I am here to tell you two things: the first is that I believe we are all at least a little bit creative, and the second: literally anybody can make and sell impressive digital products, regardless of their artistic ability. Yes, even you! Keep reading to learn how below.

Are All Digital Products Creative?

When it comes to digital products, the simple answer is no, they are not all creative based and you don’t need to be Picasso to do well online.  

Digital products are assets that can be sold online multiple times.  As opposed to physical goods, a digital product is limitless and once you put in the initial hard work, you never have to replenish or organize your inventory. If you have ever downloaded a PDF guide or an ebook then you’re already using digital products! 

One reason that people are banking on making a business digital products is their potential for passive income. If you aren’t familiar, passive income is money made automatically without actively working, like one would in a server job or at an office job. 

While it is true that many digital products today are focused on photography, graphic design, music, or digital art, they are certainly not all creative based. 

Non-Creative Digital Products 

Luckily, there are many ideas to propel your new business if you are not super creative. However, I get it—it can be difficult to come up with exciting ideas for digital products that would be popular and profitable. Your main focus should be on standing out from the crowd and not creating something that already exists in an oversaturated market. Here are some of my top suggestions for digital products that do not require a ton of artistic flare. 

  1. Digital e-books 

Digital ebooks are exciting digital products to sell that allow you to educate and share your knowledge about a particular subject. In 2021, ebook sales increased 38% for HarperCollins, showing how people are keen on digital content and its accessibility. You can create an ebook for free on sites like Canva or for a paid fee on Adobe.  Digital Ebooks can be based on whatever you enjoy talking about, like a recipe book if you’re an avid cook, you can discuss how to run a marathon, or about learning a new instrument. With an ebook, the only creativity you need to use is deciding on what color scheme you prefer and throwing in a few non-copyrighted images. 

  1. Courses

Do you want to share about a subject that is considered a little more complex and challenging? Then starting a course might be the right way forward.  With a course, you can offer it as a bundle, with video courses, text, PowerPoint slides, audio recordings, or video recordings to educate. Consider a course almost like a lecture at a school where you’re the teacher. 

  1. Legal templates 

If you are someone with an education or background in law, you may want to look into creating legal templates so that people can purchase them and customize them for what they need. 

  1. Applications or software 

Digital applications are a booming industry. For context, in the last few months of 2022, users downloaded 27.1 billion apps from Google Play! That’s a pretty astounding number, so if you’re someone who has that tech acumen, it’s time to use those skills to make some money. 

  1. Resume templates

Building an impressive resume is something that everyone is going to need, forever! There doesn’t need to be a ton of creativity involved here, as it must be professional and sleek so you can create solid resume templates that will support your clients in getting a new job.

  1. Workout plans

Fitness and nutrition coaches can use their knowledge to create impressive workout regimes, and you can find a niche such as busy students who want to live a healthier lifestyle. 

  1. Travel guides

Who doesn’t love to travel? Create inspiring travel guides based on places you have been (or dream of going to) and help others get the most out of their trip.  In terms of creativity, you can use non copyrighted images of the destinations, or your own images to draw customers in. 

  1. Blueprints and plans 

Architects and designers can sell and promote ready-made blueprints and plans for houses, garages, offices and more. 

  1. Quizzes

Many people and places, like bars and pubs, like to host quiz night parties. Bank in on this by creating a niche, fun quiz that people can purchase and download. No artistic touches are required here! 

  1. Spirituality and astrology subscriptions

The spiritual wellness industry is huge. If this is something that both interests you and you’re knowledgeable about, why not offer seasonal subscription packages and recordings of live astrology/spirituality content? 

Are you still deciding which digital product avenue is right for you? Check out my guide for 65 free digital product ideas to get you started. 

Find Success with Digital Products Without Being An Artist 

Do you have access to a computer and solid wifi!? What about a little bit of dedication and patience? Then, you sound like the right candidate to take advantage of the online space and use your unique skill set to earn great money through digital products! 

Beginning the process of making your digital products and starting your new business can be daunting in the beginning but it is always worthwhile. Once you decide on your product, you’ll have a new and long-term way to generate income for yourself, share your ideas with the world and communicate with your audience. 
Hopefully at least one of the “non-creative” digital product ideas will excite you! If you want a further push in the right direction, check out my free masterclass on How To Make Extra Income With Digital Products.