How do you feel about social media? How much time per week do you tend to spend on it? Do you have a favorite platform? 

I am a big fan of social media! It pairs well with my outgoing personality and I love making connections online, especially when I started to work for myself, it became a fantastic outlet for me to speak and meet like-minded and motivated people. I enjoy Instagram and Tiktok the most, for their ability to connect, comment and share. 

I also love harnessing the power of social media to grow my Etsy shop. There are a lot of positives to using social media as your marketing strategy (for one, it’s free!) which is what I am going to discuss in the following blog. 

Do I Need To Use Social Media To Be A Etsy Success? 

This is a question that I get a lot. Many people love social media and log in daily, but want to use it as strictly as a viewer. They simply do not wish to make content, especially if it means speaking directly to the camera. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! It’s honestly a complete bologna that you “need” to be an active poster on social media to drive traffic to your Etsy store. 

The reality is, to put a listing on Etsy you must pay a nominal fee. In doing so, Etsy has a job to do too — and they do it well. The algorithm wants you to succeed because then Etsy gets a cut! The real secret to having success on Etsy is to learn the algorithm and use it to your advantage.

The first thing you want to do is to do extensive market research to ensure the digital product is something customers want and will actually put into their cart and finalize the purchase. I can’t repeat it enough: do not start on Etsy without completing adequate market research! 

The second trick is to harness the power of keywords, and product tagging. Every time someone searches for a product that matches yours, Etsy’s algorithm will play matchmaker and help the buyer find you. Using the right keywords will help you stand out amongst the crowd. It is also important to have a concise, professional and easily understood storefront.

Social Media And Etsy 

If you fall into the other group of people (like me!) who are happy to be on social media, this can be beneficial to your Esty success. 

When used properly, social media is an effective low-cost promotional tool. Using social media can help to grow your brand awareness, meet new customers, and showcase your products. Each social media network has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to consider this. 

  1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the original social media platforms! It is helpful if you plan to go live regularly or post video content. It is also nice for sharing photos and product listings with a large audience. It also has Facebook Messenger, allowing you to connect quickly to your customer base.  However, Facebook is no longer popular with young people.

  1. Instagram 

Instagram is like Facebook’s trendy little sister. It is good for posting strong visuals, reels, and going live. It also lets you post stories, which is a quick way to promote. Instagram, however, isn’t great if you are JUST posting promotional content, so you will have to keep things varied and interesting. 

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is where you can find all of the trendsetters. It attracts a wide range of users of all ages and demographics. It’s not the best if you want to really connect with your customers or offer extensive copy. 

  1. TikTok

TikTok is a fierce social media page, primarily used by a younger audience. It is a video-based format and many, many businesses (including my own) have experienced terrific sales after posting on TikTok.  It may not be the best choice, however, if you aren’t keen on video content. 

When starting on social media, do specific research. There is absolutely no need to get yourself on all 4 popular channels, and it’s best if you put your energy into the platform that matches best with your customer base.  So, I would say there is no “right” or “wrong” social media page to get started on, just the one that makes the most sense to your target audience. Plus, Etsy supports its sellers to be on social media and there are often ways to link your store to your social media pages.

If you want to dive in and learn about these vital elements to Etsy’s success with or without social media, register today for my Digital Shop From Scratch masterclass. It’s completely self-paced and dedicated to teaching you in-depth how to be a superstar seller on Etsy. You can even complete it in one weekend! 

How To Stand Out On Socials 

Regardless of which platform you decide to get on, you will want to harness the power of social effectively to drive traffic to your Etsy store. Here  are some of my tips:

  • Post often with thoughtful content

Whatever you post needs to make sense. You may wish to post lifestyle photos of your digital products being used, and what life is like with your digital product. Get creative!

  • Be consistent

Consider some of the most famous brands in the world, like Starbucks. Worldwide, people know the brand, they know the logo, and they know what to expect. You need to remember you are starting a brand and consistency and trust is a big thing for potential customers. You want to stick to using the same fonts, color schemes and consistent messaging. 

  • Call to action

Call to action or CTA’s are when you prompt the person reading your post to visit your shop, to click the link in the bio or ask them to comment. This garners engagement, which can lead to social media growth and importantly, sales. Have fun with your CTAs and get creative while ensuring your Etsy storefront is easily linked. 


Social media can be a really great tool for getting creative content out there, growing your brand and determining what’s going to resonate best with your target customers. If you choose to use it, it should be a fun extension of your shop and a chance to share your business with the goal to translate into sales.