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    Hey, I'm Andrea.

    I've built a $350k per year one-person online business simply by teaching others what I know.

    [my story]

    2 years ago, I was a stuck entrepreneur not making nearly as much money as I wanted.

    I had pretty intense financial goals that I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to have zero debt (no cc, car or mortgage), have 5 figures sitting in savings, zero student loans and be able to take a nice vacation every quarter with my husband.

    But I couldn’t, because no matter how hard I tried in my business, I just wasn’t bringing in enough money to allow for those things to happen.

    So I started looking for other ways to generate income online & learned that I could monetize my existing knowledge and skills.

    Now I run a one-person business that teaches unfulfilled professionals, stuck entrepreneurs & ambitious individuals how to monetize the skills they already have and create income they never thought was possible.

    Here's what I write about to help you:


    Monetizing Knowledge

    We'll explore how you can identify the skills & passions you already have and turn them into an online income stream.


    Building An Audience

    Leverage the power of organic social media to grow an audience full of people who are excited to buy from you.



    Learn how to build a simple one-person business while working less than you did in you 9-5.



    Discover tips on how to create balance and harmony because if you're not running on 100% neither will your business.


    Mindset & Personal Growth

    Tap into what you could really accomplish if you had the right mindset.

    I'll help you create the freedom you're after.

    Freedom to
    escape the 9-5.

    Freedom to
    do work you love.

    Freedom to
    work from

    Freedom to
    make more money.

    You're sitting on a goldmine and you don't even know it...

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