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    In order to make money with digital products you actually have to create the product...

    …but what happens when you don’t consider yourself the “creative kind” or you just don’t have time to be creating new products on a monthly basis?

    This is what keeps most people stuck & what holds them back from creating a full time income they could leave their 9-5 job for…

    In January, I’m helping you solve this problem with my new membership: The DFY Hub where you’ll be receiving done-for-you digital products every month that you can resell as your own. 

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      Prior to 2 years ago, I'd been selling physical and digital products online for 6 years but could never make the amount of money I wanted...

      I saw so many people online CRUSHING it, making $10k+ every month and wanted to do the same thing but had no clue how.

      I  spent months trying to figure it out and then the lightbulb went off … they were all charging customers for access to their knowledge via some type of digital product.