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Make an online income selling digital products that you never have to actually create yourself

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed & confused trying to create digital products?

Maybe you don’t feel like the creative kind or you don’t have the time to create products but you really want to make an online income so you can finally quit your crappy 9-5 and live out your dream of becoming your own boss.

Etsy Expert Andrea Head

You see other people selling digital products and you want to do the same, but you just don’t know how to create anything.

You don’t have the desire to create digital products from scratch especially since you don’t consider yourself “creative”.

You have no idea what looks good together and get really frustrated every time you open Canva to attempt to design something. 

You finding yourself not having enough time between your day job, kids and life to teach yourself HOW to create digital products.


Skip the creating part and go straight to selling with our 100% sellable & editable digital product subscription where we create the products for you, so you don’t have to!

take a peek inside

What you get when you sign up:

heres a peek at what kind of done-for-you products are in the library:

Ebook Template

This 13 page e-book template is perfect for anyone looking to sell an e-book template

Period Tracker

This 2 page period tracker perfect on its own or if you’re in the wellness niche

Wedding Seating Chart

This 1 page wedding seating chart is a perfect high search addition to add to your shop

Pregnancy Journal

This 17 page pregnancy journal is perfect for the new mom that’s expecting

Cleaning Schedule

Organizational items like this 1 page cleaning schedule is a hit on Etsy

Invoice Template

Get access to 2 different invoice templates you can sell in your shop

Wedding Checklist

Anything wedding related is is always popular and customers are always searching for this

Allowance Tracker

This fun 2 page allowance tracker is a great for kids

Did you know that...

If you were to hire a graphic designer to create 5 digital products every month it would cost you at least $500! 😳🥴

… but with the subscription you could get them for only:


regular price= $497

about me

Hi, I'm Andrea!

In 2019, I sold my first digital product on Etsy after deciding that I needed a side hustle to my full time & I was hooked after I  started making thousands per month!

What started off as an idea to make an extra hundred bucks a month, turned into a full time business after I consistently starting making more in my side hustle than my actual job with my digital products

And now i’m helping you do the same! 

The Sellable Template Bundle Andrea Head


You've got questions? We have answers!

You can NOT sell the pre-made templates that Canva created. That would be considered copyright infringement.  With our templates, we give you the exclusive rights so you don’t have to worry about that.

YES, which is why we highly recommend that even though you can sell these as-is, you don’t and instead, put your own spin on things. Making minor changes like colors, fonts and placements makes a huge difference without the need to start from scratch. 

Thats correct… only if those templates are pre-made by Canva.  Me and my team exclusively created these products for you from scratch and are giving you exclusive rights to edit and/or resell them. 

YES, we highly encourage it! 

After you purchase, you will be sent an email where to can get immediate access to the library 

All you need is the FREE version of Canva to use the templates. 

Some are in A4 and some in US Letter.  You can resize these templates easily by just going to “resize” in Canva and changing to your desired size.

Due to the digital and instant nature of this product, we’re unable to offer refunds. However, we want to make sure you’re 100% happy with your purchase, so just reach out to us at so we can help assist. 

Yes! We created these templates specifically with you in mind! These templates offer a fantastic starting place when it comes to designing. 

This bundle of digital products is intended for your Personal or Commercial Use, meaning you can:

  • – Resell or share the templates as they are, without any edits.
  • – Edit them to suit your needs before reselling or sharing them.

The license that comes with these templates is exclusively for your own Commercial Use.

You may not sell, share or redistribute the editable versions with others and the Canva links of the files included in this bundle. (*you can CANNOT sell these as a MRR product)

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