Recently, I’ve noticed that the popular dialogue online is all about not spending any money at all to focus on strict savings. 

Don’t get me wrong: I 100% agree with savings, putting money aside for the future and thinking long-term toward retirement. Plus, I am aware that many people have a cap on how much they make annually at their day job, which is needed to cover daily expenses, potential debt and savings.  

However, I also firmly believe that saving money shouldn’t come at the complete expense of missing out on the present moment and enjoying your life. 

The best of both worlds is creating a life where you can spend your money without stress, while still setting yourself up for the future. You might be thinking of course Andrea, but how is that possible? The answer is starting a side hustle! 

A side hustle is what transformed my life, allowing me to watch the money roll in while still working my day job. This additional money allowed me to enjoy life significantly more, set money aside for savings and pay off my debt! 

It is possible! Read on to learn how you can do it too. 

What Is A Side Hustle? 

A side hustle is employment that you can complete outside of your day job. Normally it takes place during evenings, weekends, or during vacations or time off. It’s called a side hustle because it’s done in addition to your full-time job and is typically done as a freelancer for others or working for yourself. It’s not the same as a part-time job, because a side hustle provides a lot more freedom like the time you put into it, what hours you work and even your earning potential. 

A side hustle is a surefire way to build up your finances, get out of any debt, and even test out the entrepreneurial waters. It’s an exciting way to build up your portfolio and skills without needing to quit your day job, as you don’t have to compromise or sacrifice your steady paycheck.  

In addition to building your finances, a side hustle can help to boost overall life satisfaction while you learn new skills. 

What are some examples of popular side hustles? 

  • Complete paid online surveys
  • Test apps and websites
  • Transcribe videos, phone calls, and other recordings
  • Work for a rideshare company
  • Deliver groceries
  • Rent out your home
  • Deliver food
  • Tutor online
  • Offer pet walking or babysitting 

Do you wish to know my favorite side hustle? Selling digital products! 

Build Your Finances With Digital Products 

The best way to make $500 while putting in less than 30 minutes of work a day, is to build a side hustle selling digital products on Etsy.

Selling digital products allows you to work 100% for yourself and is a fantastic way to start your first business! With digital products that are all online, you don’t have to worry about inventory, storage, shipping or returns. You won’t have to spend a dime on costs related to materials or assembly and your customers can enjoy their product immediately after they buy it and download it. 

Let’s get into the 3 steps to making an extra $500 by working only 30 minutes per day. 

Step 1: Complete The Digital Shop From Scratch

To set yourself up for the ultimate, long-term financial success, enrol in the The Digital Shop From Scratch. I’ve created a brilliant, easy-to-follow course that will show you exactly how to start a profitable digital products shop on Etsy so that you can start making extra money every month without having to spend tons of time on it. This course includes 4 modules that detail each step of the digital product process from marketing to creation to a price point. You get lifetime access, too, so you can continue to go back and refresh your memory and keep learning. 

Step 2: Do Market Research 

Market research is what will help you make the decision of what you will want to sell! Namely, you are going to try and solve a problem with your research by building a digital product that people are searching for and are happy to spend money on. You are going to try and find that business sweet spot, which is a product that intersects your passion, what people want and finally, your skill set.  

There are many different approaches you can take with your digital product and not all are creative-based. While it is true that many digital products are focused on photography, graphic design, music, or digital art, that’s definitely not the only angle you can take. You can offer digital e-books, courses, templates, applicants, software, quizzes, and more! 

As you are going to sell on Etsy, you also want to ensure your digital product is unique and niche so that it stands out amongst the crowd! Check out my free guide on 65 unique product ideas here.  

Step 3: Create Your Product and Store Front 

After completing The Digital Shop From Scratch and finalizing market research to determine your product, it’s time to create your one-of-a-kind product and perfect your storefront. 

Here’s another hint: you don’t have to spend a ton of money to build your product. In fact, it’s the opposite, you can use Canva to save big bucks on your digital product. So long as you create everything from scratch and avoid using any existing Canva templates and images, there will be no legal issues or copyright. You’ll be the rightful owner and can do whatever you please when selling it! 

The main bulk of your time will be spent in the setting up process. Once that is complete, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. There really is no better feeling than checking on your sales at the end of the week and seeing how many sales you made, while not actively working on your product or shop! Nothing can beat the feeling of building up your finances while still being able to enjoy your life. Are you ready to get started?