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Learn how to create a low maintenance online income in your spare time without social media or a website.

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Hi, I'm Andrea!

A few years ago, I sold my first digital product after deciding that I needed a side hustle to my 9-5 job.

My goal was to make a few hundred bucks per month to help with the transition of my husband’s job loss.

After 3 months, I realized that selling digital products could become a full time career when I  started making $3k per month pretty passively.

And later, my little side hustle turned into a six figure per year business that allowed me to reach the time and financial freedom I always dreamt of.

Now, I teach others how they can do this too even if they’ve never sold anything online before. 

With the way the economy is going these days, having some extra money in your pocket is always a good idea!

Etsy Expert Andrea Head

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